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Claude GOLDSZMIDT: Quality Expert in Laboratories – Life Sciences

• Evaluate the Quality management System

• Define the required tracking and suggest devices

• Achieve, maintain or renew a certification

• Specify, set, install the adapted LIMS

• Validate the scientific applications (LIMS, ELN, SDMS…)

• Fluent English: international mobility: BPF, BPL, ISO90000

• Curious, involved, accurate, pedagogue, (pro)active

Thomas BADER: Pharmacology, Development, Medical notation/writing

• Writing articles, Attendeesations, reports and protocols

• Fields: Breathing, allergies, immunology, oncology, virology

• Recording to the medical agencies

• Audio-visual documentation, graphic support

• French, English, German: international cooperation

• Unifying, convincing, taste for quality

Guido GRENTZMANN: Pharma R&D Discovery and Translational Medicine, Data Integration

• President of PBS PharmaBioServices

• R&D Project Support: Planification, Management, Documentation

• OMICs and Bioinformatics Support

• Scientific Data Integration

• Outsourcing: CROs in Europe, North America, Asia

• Strategic consultancy

• Biomedical Projects and Platforms

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