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Dual-luciferase reporter system

US. Patent 6,143,502 (2000) : Grentzmann, G, Atkins, JF & Gesteland, RF (inventors). Two-Luciferase Translational Reporter System (2lucTRS) : Reporter systems for quantification of translational recoding and reinitiation and internal initiation in eukaryotes and prokaryotes in vivo and in vitro.

Plasmids and methods of use for assaying translational recoding are disclosed. The plasmids contain a constitutively expressed renilla (Renilla reniformis ; sea pansy) luciferase gene, a polylinker for insertion of a selected DNA segment, and an out-of-frame firefly luciferase gene. Recoding is determined by monitoring luminescence of the firefly luciferase normalized to the luminescence of the renilla luciferase.

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